Monday, January 14, 2013

Efficiency Apartment


Apartment Efficiency involves monetary guardians low and affordable. If you have purchased for you. Although few. The ideas on the floor and the interior of this article
You can visit many homes had lead. Apartment with a bedroom, but it was very well designed and structured Something that apartment called studies or efficiency apartments. So, what exactly is flat for efficiency, and in what way? Small space to decorate the beds clean apartment, separated or not quartos. For the simple division used as a living room and a kitchen UMA. Partitioning point increase in the kitchen, sleeping, eating and living. And he confirmed with separate WC.


Actions Thomas
A DIVISION need space, measuring the floor. Floor is of fundamental importance for the design Thurs planning very Factor of E. When you. What are your measurements, the wizard will give you an idea of ​​how much space is required in each partition. Keep the living space above the kitchen then. Also, you can. Build a small living room. Share them Kitchen Dual Zone A special food and cooking. He went home on the performance index. In the following section you want saber. How to plan LeVar Practical cable.

Why Measure
Stop the maximum use of space or place Dresser table does not sing. Put a point of Fins Dividing space between different space of a couple. Offices, maintaining shelves corner table OU and not to raise the small wood splinters that, due to live apart. While you can. Kitchen like a lifetime. The area of ​​the point of being near a door. Insert a wooden partition between a classic living room, and living room.


After inserting Help Site Survey asks about the decor. Wall decoration., Simple, elegant system of study, but some ideas of interior Para, cereal choice for the traditional look of modern painting with OU.

Room decoration

A lot of pale yellow, blue, pink and green, to help the couple. If beauty Nice Due to limited space, not very mobile. A small table, two chairs and some even decorate the pots are adequate. If you choose core bright light and see a room with colored lights. Gives very bright and eager to relax.

Building decoration
To decorate a living creature, driving can be made OSU locks Wallart color concept. There are different types of original studio apartment furniture that is specially designed small point of space. Hang your favorite photo wall UO nd some sections traditional old wall. Traditional rugs bed nd paragraph styles both contemporary and fill a wall.

Decorate your office space
Using the edge of the rack cabinet in OU. Use color in a single wood or furniture. White, Purple, Black and Brown gives a sophisticated look to your office. In the upper part of the table, it can hang a light guide fluorescent. Maintain a spotless and well beyond their books, records and official communications.

Kitchen Decor

You can point Corian kitchen cabinets Flip Guide. Table project to occupy a corner and not the maximum brewhouse point. Put a shelf do Meio do represent a team. Exclusion crockeries Great invest a lot of space for the occupants. Paint the walls a neutral color that point AA Bela Vista.

Many students, staff and singles prefer to rent efficiency apartment. Ellis is cheap and effective. Apartment for internal EVERY Dizer Point Point Guest "wow". I hope that the projects and decorating ideas Ira help.

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