Thursday, January 3, 2013

Contemporary Interior Design

After moving a contemporary design in your home and centuries tight and defined more on the style of the interior.

Decoration of the rooms is clean, cleanroom, clear, bright colors and unique textures are key elements in determining the contemporary design. Interior tradition seemed almost modern interiors. However, modern look is also a favorite for all fans of the style factor "rich" traditional. Well, let me tell you, it was fun to your home after theme design problem. Long and complicated conversion in the room fresh and clean home is what it is. So if you are considering a new look to your modern interior mention some tips.

Colors and themes
Contemporary Interior Design

If you have many colors to choose from, be sure to use a combination of smooth and clear choice. Although the space is occupied by a neutral or soft colors, adding bright colors, very special place. Pilar and the interior is the best place to experiment with colors. One idea is to use black to brown, gray and white. Metallic colors are also the best of modern design. The colors of the basics of this style. Many designers follow a color theme to decorate the room. This guarantees a clear display, which is a cornerstone of modern and stylish interior. Again, red and gray is a success when it comes to choosing a topic, especially since both have white, black, white, off many others will be addressed.

Texture and images

As I said, the design is influenced by the texture. What is the color of the paint on the wall or furniture, textured look is a success in the style of furniture. Different techniques are used for coating and praise false add an element of modern soft touch. Metallic colors in a room, bronze, copper, gold, or a combination of colors. The theme of the article, such as paintings and drawings bad texture can be a mobile structure, matt effect. One idea is to keep the soil smooth and shiny, with a minimal structure. Decorate the walls consist mainly of paintings and drawings. Another idea is to provide a framework of abstract art or a large area and the human form. The cover is popular with Asian elements. A single image or a collage of different creative hung a large frame, choose a popular topic of many designers.

Furniture and accessories
Contemporary Interior Design

They also reflect the spatial arrangement or reconstruction of space, existing furniture and accessories play an important role in determining the overall effect. If you want to create a smooth surface, furniture, bedspreads, carpets, furniture, surfaces and bright colors like white, beige or white. Add curtains, dark themes and some appropriate rooms kisses. The furnishings are sharper and more luxurious. Some pieces of furniture that are commonly used to flavor asymmetric. Order online and mobile. Even the furniture is large, small 'c'. The decor is simple shapes, but courageous. Small and there is a strict "no-no".

Focal points and accents

Priorities. Yes, the style is more of a focal point. The walls can be very structured, a great piece of art hanging chandeliers in the main assembly or in the area of ​​design, furniture, ceiling or unique. The development of the best in contemporary decor absence of modern accent pieces, intricate carvings and delicate, but elegant. With a symmetrical shape, look thick or thin and elegant textured with bright lights and metal parts main discussion in the style of the interior. Fires are not the only ones to have a drink or a traditional style that is certainly fresh, colorful and stylish, selected according to the color of the object.

Remember modern design and functionality, and can be configured in the "less is more" change ", thin hot" and "structure" style.

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