Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Studio Apartment Design Ideas

studio apartment

studio apartment

The study is a small space that needs to be carefully designed. Here are some ideas on design studio that you can use to make your room comfortable.

An apartment is definitely one of my dreams to design and own! There is enough space for a lot of money. Most of you may be wondering how to decorate a studio creating multifunctional. Since you have a small space, is picky about style and utility to decorate your home. Every element that is used to decorate the place, the law and the like. Since this is a study, you have the right to go with the classic image of the artist's workshop. "The most important part of the studio, bedroom decoration as comfortable as possible. Solutions is looking for a number of practical design, while" interior.

The Entrance

studio apartment
As a single input and output, which means of course that it should be as relaxed as possible. If a mirror on each side of the wall adjacent the door opening. Put a coat or a hat next to a mirror so that customers can get their coats to leave it there and not in all ways. If you store your shoes, put the shoe just below the mirror.

Seating Area

studio apartment


This is the main project of the design studio. Do not buy large pieces of furniture, do not forget that we live in a small space, you need a completely flexible. Flexibility allows only the most space. Buy a three-seater sofa, a stick or other lightweight materials, you will be able to move easily. Bean bags and floor pillows are great ideas for decorating a studio.


studio apartment kitchen

Since I am the only one left at home, there's no reason to have a big kitchen. While kitchen decor, kitchen with refrigerator shelf next to it is good enough for a study. With a kitchen cabinet above the platform with a series of lights at the bottom to facilitate access to and adequate lighting.

Dining Room

studio apartment


Do you have a room near the kitchen. It has a hinged lid, which is converted to a dining table. It can be folded with a simple button, if you want to use. Normal seat in the house can be used at the dinner table.

Sleeping Platform

studio apartment


To save space, the platform is what needs to be done. Divide the session into two parts with the stairs. The summit will be the platform of the bed, while the smallest can be a study in the seat next to him.

Dressing Room

Elegant apartment decorating ideas is to use one partition to another room to create. Make dressing room divider as well. You can use this wardrobe with a mirror on the closet door and a separate compartment for cosmetics in closet. Small LED lights above the mirror outside is sufficient to illuminate the area. Separate to keep your clothes, is a bench with a hinged lid, so play clothes and sit on it!

The study was designed to clean the area and flat as possible negligence. If you have limited space, go to the white house, because it makes the room look larger. You can use a portion of the wall, wall art, a little personal touch to your home to do it. Here is where I sign! Decorate your home with a winning attitude and a touch of class, regardless of what others think of him, because home is where the heart is!


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