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These are the three basic mantras to be taken into account in implementing design ideas inside the house.
The interior design of the house is something we do very rarely (unless you are a professional interior designer, that is). But honestly, these are the times we live in! Designing your own nest - nothing works so wonderfully. This is the time where the whole family gets together, parts added to the house and the house becomes a home. And it's guaranteed - much more than living at home, is the day you are going to build it piece by piece to enjoy.

But we are - are not professional interior designer. Even if you hire professional designers, we should give a basic idea of ​​what we want. The house is a very personal thing. The designers of the millions of homes home interior design ideas, but it is you who has the concept. The designers of the house always wonder what you want, and work with the grain of the idea that you get.

Therefore, the core of all this is that you have a basic idea of ​​what is home design. What are you looking for installation? This article is about the design of the house (which will have a professional environment, which, after all), but preliminary ideas to help you begin your discussion with the interior of the self.

I hired three important points to consider when preparing your home. Here they are: -

Home Interior Design Tip # 1 - Space
home design interior
The first thing to think that the space offered his house. Each component of your interior design will depend on the square meters of space, which has its court. Gone are the days of the royal palaces, and the houses are getting more every day. So you need to keep the size of your home into account when preparing the first draft of your home.

I'm not saying that small houses are not well designed, but only has a reasonable planning. For example, instead of a cabinet enlarged, to see if interesting shelves can be built into walls. Interior designers can do in an interesting way. If the nursery project, and then with a bunk and a study desk could be a very interesting idea to save space. In addition, you can have a TV in the bedroom have wall to save space. The work of these ideas. The problem is not the amount of space you have in your home, it's more about how the room.

Even if your house is big enough, you should consider whether the furniture is a good idea overloaded. This is the era of minimalism, and working at home. You can in fact thinking of creating partitions in your room to make the best use of available space.

House Interior Design Tip 2 - Utility
bad room
Most of us give him the benefit of the house interior design in the background when scratched drawings of the house. The eye is often unconventional beauty and charm, but that does not stop and think, "How will this be useful addition to your home?" Smart people among us first consider the use of all aspects of the design of the house, even a small shelf, recorded on a special wall in the preparation of the first idea of ​​the design of the house, your first question should be: ". need? this thing" and the second question should be: "Are you OK? '. Do you think things in order, and almost can not go wrong.

This also applies if you add furniture and decoration for your home. Consider, for each component of the interior designer wants to put in his house, if indeed. I Need This is where the costs add up. Therefore, it is more appropriate to consider more than one of these supplements.

Home Interior Design Tip # 3 - Color Coordination

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Very few of us are aware of the enormous improvement that color combination can lead to the design of the house. In the seventies and eighties, American homes often contain different color combinations - like a room that can be done in different shades of blue - but the trend has changed in recent times. Now people are more contrasts. Do not be surprised if your interior designer suggests a combination of black and white for your kitchen. Or should there be another combination, colors, opposites.

The trick is that you have to stop and ask yourself what you really want. You will see a color scheme for the concept that you are considering? If so, then the designer knows. If the plan completely from the world. The creator suggest other options if the plan is not feasible. Personally, I like the warm colors for the room from the kitchen, dining and living room and the cool colors of the room and I just relax and read. But of course, you can have your own color combinations in mind and ask your designer if you can implement.

These are the three most important tips you should consider. Of course, there are other aspects such as lighting and situations created and this must be taken into account later. But help. Some long-term temporary things.

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